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Textured Flowers

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Textured Flowers


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Haida Gwaii

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Haida Gwaii
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Guestbook for Muriel Hastings
Great artistic point of view . I do like Your photoblog Muriel.
composiet aanrechtblad(non-registered)
The article is great, I like it exceptionally much.Here I took in a ton, then I will give careful consideration to you.I am inspired by the nature of data on this site .
Judy Todd(non-registered)
My great good thanks for sharing these amazingly beautiful and especially memorable photos from Haida Gwaii. It was a profound place to experience and has left a very lasting impression upon my heart and soul. I am planning to return, hopefully in 2016, and provide an experience for others in this beautiful, raw and still mostly wild place of indigenous sensibilities and sensitivities.
Thanks Muriel.
Mary Huber Graham(non-registered)
Muriel, your work is stunning - your love and eye for all these blossoms, their colors and textures, your love of light are all and each exquisitely captivating. So beautiful! I want to share your website link with friends. May I?
Melanie Radojkovic(non-registered)
Just LOVE this wildlife collection!!! Fabulous, Outsatnding...just a few words that come to mind!
Keep on my dear! Xoxo